Your roadmap for migration to structured content starts here.

Are you in need of a solution with structured content, technical writing or DITA XML? Is there a gap between where you are now, and where your company needs to be?

Identifying the gap between two points is the first step in measuring the objectives needed to reach any destination. Where is your organization now? Where do you need to be? We can help you reach your destination; in fact, we specialize in it.

We will look at your existing sources of content, analyze the types of data, available tools and resources, and create an effective road map to get you to where you want to be.

What our clients say ...

We’ve managed to hit the proverbial gold with the fine people at Ryffine. Everyone we have worked with was a fully engaged expert in the field and helped us immensely through every phase of the project. We set out to build a custom ecosystem around DITA and Oxygen, the Ryffine team was there to help us from day one, starting with an initial gap analysis. Six months later, we are fully on our own and we largely owe our success to Ryffine. I have absolutely no reservations recommending Ryffine, regardless of how complex or large the scope of your project is.

Vlad Khanin

NextGen Healthcare


Let's start with a conversation

A gap analysis can begin with a simple conversation. Let's build a road map that will get your organization to where it needs to be.

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How We Do It

Our gap analysis examines your current state versus your designed state from the following perspectives:


Information Design

  • Structure of your content
  • Reuse
  • Metadata, taxonomy, and content management strategies

Process Design

  • End-to-end information development workflow
  • Roles and responsibilities


  • Author productivity
  • End-to-end workflow support, including authoring, content management, and publishing
  • Scale

Organizational Maturity

  • Integration of information development into product teams
  • Hiring and training practices

Delivery Platforms

  • Quality of your customer experience
  • Time and effort required for delivery
  • Automation

We Can Help

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Ryffine helps technical communicators improve the way they develop, manage, and present their content.