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What's It All About

The DITA O2 workshop will show information developers how to fully leverage oXygen XML Editor to support the DITA framework. Workshop attendees will learn the essentials of DITA and oXygen and how to combine the two to create a sophisticated yet simple end-to-end structured content ecosystem.


By the end of this course, student will be able to:


Discern the relevant pieces of DITA for their organization

  • Explain the benefits of structured content

  • List and differentiate common structured content frameworks

  • Articulate the benefits of DITA as a structured content framework

  • Define DITA and its major components

  • Recite the terms and definitions associated with DITA


Build a DITA Content Strategy

  • What is an information model, and why is it important
  • Interpret the DITA Specification through the lens of the organization's content
  • Define the information model for their organization

    Determine appropriate use of LwDITA for organizational adoption

    • Define LwDITA and its major components
    • Show how LwDITA supports the requirements of content contributors and review workflow
    • Show how oXygen supports LwDITA

      Demonstrate how oXygen supports the key components of the DITA framework

      • Explain where oXygen fits in the landscape of structured content editors, and its approach supporting the DITA framework

      • Show how oXygen supports all important pieces of the DITA framework


        Configure oXygen to support an organization’s adoption of DITA

        • Set up the interface to support working in the DITA framework

        • Set up an oXygen project of DITA content

        • Configure oXygen to support an organization’s information model


        Develop, manage, and deliver DITA content using oXygen and a file system

        • Create an oXygen project
        • Create content using oXygen and a file system
        • Create content from the oXygen web interface
        • Reuse content
        • Send content through a collaborative workflow
        • Deliver content to multiple formats

        Workshop Details

        This will be a three-day workshop. Breakfast and lunch will be included. At the end of the last day, we’ll relax our brains over a hosted happy hour.

        Next Workshop

        To be announced.

        The Location:

        The workshop will take place at GRID Collaborative Workspace, Inc, located at 445 N Broadway, Denver. The space has plenty of seating, phone booths, and a lounge area. The closest parking is metered, but there are day lots just a few blocks away, so please plan accordingly when arriving. For more information about GRID, check them out on their website.


        DITA oXygen January 2020 Workshop Notification

        Registration for the next DITA oXygen workshop is not open. If you are interested in receiving a notification when registration is open, please sign up below.


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