Expect more than just DITA XML from your content migration.

Whether you are moving to DITA from a structured content or unstructured format, there is more to a DITA solution than putting your content into DITA XML files. Implementing a DITA solution necessitates making content strategy decisions and documenting those decisions in your information model.

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How We Do It

At Ryffine we help you make educated structured content strategy decisions that inform your information model and feed our rules-based, automated conversion script used to improve your DITA content. Your automated conversion script and information model are developed in lockstep. As one gets smarter, so does the other.

Our conversion method is iterative and fast allowing for multiple daily runs to maximize learning and you to see results quickly. It is scalable and can refresh large volumes of content in a matter of hours instead of days. Our method is also collaborative, we guide your information architect(s) in determining the desired target mark-up and its documentation.

Our method combines information design and automation to achieve your desired level of precision and quality beyond valid DITA XML


Information-typed DITA

  • Determine patterns in content and define rules for information-type topics
  • Assigns a topic’s information-type based on defined rules
  • Eliminates need to manually determine and convert topics to information-types

Metadata-rich DITA

  • Scrape your content for metadata to create rules
  • Update your information architecture with metadata rules
  • Apply metadata according to the information architecture
  • Automate clean-up of erroneous metadata
  • Apply metadata using keywords or classification maps

DITA with reuse

  • Identify opportunities for reuse (exact matches and near matches)
  • Determine your reuse strategy and rules
  • Automate reuse by inserting keys and content references
  • Automate collection file creation

DITA with referential integrity

  • Move content into a new repository hierarchy
  • Maintain links and references between files

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